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Frequently Asked Questions!

Important questions you might have about your timber deck restoration!

  • 1.Why should I trust you above anybody else?Great question and one any timber deck owner should ask. There are three main reasons you should trust us:
    • 1.Experience: We are not just perfectionists when it comes to timber deck restorations, we’ve had the runs on the board.. with over 5 years experience in building and restoring timber decks, we know what we’re doing!This depth of experience enables us to see important details often missed by others!
    • 2.Track Record: Check out our testimonials. We have an extremely high rate of client satisfaction, with most calling us back for advice or further maintenance years after we completed the original restoration!
    • 3.Guaranteed Results:Take a look at question 3 for details on our 9 Big 100% Satisfaction Guarantees.
  • 2.How does your program work?
    There are 14 steps to our program of restoring your timber deck. Click here for more information on the program
  • 3.Do you have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?We offer 9 Big 100% Satisfaction Guarantees:
    • Guarantee 1 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 2 100% Fully Trained and Police Cleared Timber Restoration Specialist Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 3 100% Fully Insured Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 4 100% Always Keep You Informed Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 5 100% Best Advice Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 6 100% Best Products Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 7 100% Commitment to the environment Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 8 100% No Mess – We Clean-up Guarantee!
    • Guarantee 9 100% Commitment to You Guarantee!

    Click here for more details on these guarantees.

  • 4.What guarantee is on the product applied ?
    The Spa-N-Deck product is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, blistering or peeling on horizontal surfaces such as decks and 4 years on vertical surfaces such as fences and doors etc. This is the strongest guarantee of any product we have found on the market today.
  • 5.Does the timber require sanding before application?
    In most cases, the deck will have to be sanded to remove any existing coatings and bring the timber back to clean, fresh wood. Sanding does give the best end result. Decking that has been laid with the reeded or grooved side up can not be sanded so we can only use our 2 stage cleaning process and High Pressure wash to remove any previous treatments.
  • 6.Will there be a lot of dust or mess?
    Our whole process is designed to minimise dust, mess and inconvenience to you. Our equipment is state of the art and has dust extraction that removes around 95% of the dust during the sanding process. It is not perfect but any residual or remaining dust is removed with the subsequent cleaning process. We also guarantee to leave the area totally mess free and cleaner than when we arrived.
  • 7.Does it needed to be sanded again next time?
    No. If maintained on a regular basis, sanding is not required each time and often just a clean and 2 fresh coats will be sufficient.
  • 8.How long will the whole process take?
    This depends on the size of your project. An average 40 square metre deck will take 3 days from start to finish but the process is continuous so there is no waiting days between each application as is the case with some products.
  • 9. How long do I have to stay off it after it is completed?
    We recommend at least 24 hours to allow the coating to cure. Full hardness is achieved in 14 to 21 days but general use is acceptable after just 2 or 3.
  • 10.How long will the protection coating last?
    This really depends on your situation and location. Decks under an alfresco will last longer than those around a pool or in constant sunlight. A typical 4 coat application in full sun will last at least 12 months before it will require a maintenance coat where a sheltered area may last 2-3 years.
  • 11. Is the cost the same every time I have my timber maintained ?
    Not usually. If the deck is maintained on a regular basis, the upkeep or maintenance is typically less than half the original restoration cost.
  • 12.Do we have a choice of colour?
    Yes. You can choose one of the 6 colours made by the manufacturer or we can custom blend a colour to more closely match existing timber features you may have.
  • 13.Are the products environmentally friendly?
    All the cleaning and protection products we use and recommend are water based and very kind to the environment.
  • 14.How safe are my pets with these products?
    You, your plants and your pets will be extremely safe as all the products are very mild and non- reactive to delicate skin or little paws.
  • 15.What areas does Timber Deck Restoration Specialists service?
    We service all areas in the Perth Metro area from Yanchep in the North to Bouvard in the South. We will also travel to regional areas on a case by case basis but only after ensuring it is the best and most cost effective solution for your project.
  • 16.What other external timbers can you restore?
    Our unique process and expertise extends to nearly any external timber situation, including timber screens, fences, jetties and we even restore timber garage doors.
  • 17.Do you do free quotes?
    We offer a free quote service to those who are serious about restoring their deck and maintaining it to its optimum condition. A comprehensive Safety and Condition Audit must be conducted first to allow us to best assess the processes required before we can quote accurately.
  • 18.Do you manage the whole project yourselves?
    Yes. There is no need to call in other contractors for the restoration process. We cover all aspects from sanding, to cleaning to application and even cleaning up afterwards.
  • 19.Do I have to buy my own product or do you supply as well?
    We supply all necessary products required to complete the project including sanding belts and sand papers, cleaning products and equipment and protection products. As a bonus to you and because we use so much of the product each year, we are able to buy it at a better rate so these savings are passed on to you.
  • 20.Am I able to carry out any of the work myself to save myself some money?
    Ultimately this is your choice. We are happy to do part or all of the process but there is a set procedure that must be followed to give the best end result. We can only really give our comprehensive guarantee to you if we have completed all aspects of the work ourselves.
  • 21.Can I see some examples of your previous work?
    There are several of our clients that would be more than happy for you to view our work. Alternatively, our testimonials speak for themselves.
  • 22.Do we have to be present whilst the work is being done?
    No. As long as we have reasonable access to the work site, a powerpoint and a tap for water, then we can complete the project whilst you are away or at work. In some cases, we have completed the whole project whilst the owners were away on holiday and their pets were in a boarding kennel.

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