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Deck Protection

Without proper protection, even the hardiest timber will deteriorate very quickly in the harsh West Australian climate.


It’s not just the heat and rain that affects timber, the UV rays from the sun also play a large part in the aging process.

By giving it immediate protection you can keep it in much the same condition as the day you installed it. With a good protective coating on the timber, the sun and rain are locked out and the timber remains stable. This ensures a longer life for the timber and a big cost saving for you.

But not all timber finishes will do the job properly, and if you use the wrong finish, you could be creating a rod for your back for years to come.

For instance, if you choose oil based products to begin with, it’s very hard to switch over to the more flexible long lasting Acrylics. And every time you maintain your deck, you will have to put up with the inconvenience of long drying times and toxic thinners, harmful fumes and generally having to wait a lot longer each time before you can entertain again.

There is an urban myth that oil based products are best for outdoor surfaces. Although this was the case many years ago, technology has advanced since then and acrylics now have far superior resistance to sunlight and to heavy traffic wear.

Acrylic finishes are now made of the same acrylics used in the windshields of aircraft. They’re tough. They are more resistant to the harshest climatic conditions, flexible and fast drying.

You could be entertaining within days of your restoration being started and ongoing maintenance will be much easier.

We don’t cut corners at Timber Deck Restoration Specialists, We use a unique, semi-transparent, penetrating water based acrylic that comes in a choice of colours. It is environmentally sensitive, easy to clean, easy to use and easy to maintain. It is durable, water repellent and, best of all, will outlast most oil-based products by 3 to 5 times.

Our protective coating“ keys” into the timber fibres creating a strong bond that is hard to break. Once dry, (on average initial drying time is around 1-2 hours) the second and subsequent coats can be applied in succession with drying times between coats as little as 1 hour. This unique process allows us to sand, clean and coat in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of disruption to your busy schedule. We highly recommend a fourth protection coating in full sun, heavy traffic or active pet situations. This helps protect the timber for longer and lengthen the time between maintenance coats.

The final coat will be touch dry in 30 minutes, but it’s recommended that you keep any pets and traffic off the coated areas for a minimum of 24 hours. This will give the coating time to “cure” and harden which can take up to 21 days, depending on weather and temperature conditions.

The good news is that you can start using your deck again after just 2 or 3 days, secure in the knowledge that it has the best possible protection available anywhere!


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