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About the Timber Deck Restoration Specialist Team!


We are a company with old fashioned values, our clients are like family and we follow the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Here are 3 good reasons you should trust Timber Deck Restoration Specialists!

  • Experience: We are not just perfectionists when it comes to timber deck restorations, we have the runs on the board.. with over 5 years experience in building and restoring timber decks, we know what we’re doing! This depth of experience enables us to see important details often missed by others!
  • Track Record: Check out our testimonials. We have an extremely high rate of client satisfaction, with most calling us back for advice or further maintenance years after we completed the original restoration!
  • Guaranteed Results: Take a look at our Guarantee Page for our 9 Big 100% Satisfaction Guarantees.


Both Belinda & Marcus grew up on dairy farms in different parts of the country. Helping on the farm with milking and rearing calves, the farm environment gave us an excellent work ethic and a strong commitment to quality. My motto became, “Do it once. Do it well.”

My parents and the farm environment taught me to be practical and inventive when it came to overcoming problems or situations that we faced and my father instilled in me a “can do” attitude that strengthened and shaped my future and the belief that nothing is impossible, “there is no such word as can’t”.

Living in a farming community also taught me the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, as everybody was part of the community and you had to look after each other.

I didn’t realise at the time what a strength this would turn out to be once we went into business, but now I know I couldn’t have been blessed with a better preparation.

This attitude of caring, meant that we couldn’t imagine ever doing a job that was less than perfect… and living in a small community meant you would see people every day and so you would be reminded of any wrong you had done.

We have always had the desire to own our own business. After working for others and building their businesses successfully, We could see the benefits of self employment.

I was also good with my hands and loved wood work and of course working on the family farm gave me ample opportunity to practice it.

After leaving school, I lost direction and tried a number of different careers, including banking and finance, but my heart always took me back to the land and eventually, I ended up spending nights at university studying horticulture. It was there, I was introduced to timber decking construction.

At last I had found something I enjoyed. Working outdoors and working with timber. Without the capital to start a business, I had to contend with taking the work I could get working at garden centres and getting part time work on timber deck construction whenever I could.

But our longing for country life took me in yet another direction when I was offered an opportunity to move to the WA Wheatbelt and take up a sales job with a John Deere Dealer. We rented an old farmhouse and lived there for 6 years with our two children, Jessica and Nathan.

I was very good at sales and after just 2 years, I was made manager of a dealership and held responsibilities for all staff, Sales, Workshop and Parts departments. Somehow I still found time to keep working on my woodwork in my spare time, setting up a small workshop and spending countless hours building furniture. It was during this time that my skills were further developed and the desire to own my own business became stronger.

My time in the country also highlighted to me the terrible effects of land clearing and salt erosion and I was determined that whatever I did in business, it would be environmentally friendly. I would recycle and restore timber as much as possible, rather than contributing to more logging and only use those products that were sensitive to the surrounding environment!

With some working capital saved up, we moved to Perth as the country school system did not offer enough options for our children’s education. I then set about finding the perfect business. A business I could enjoy doing and make use of the skills I had acquired. We built a house, naturally with several decks around it and we were forever oiling or sanding the decks to try and keep them in some sort of reasonable condition. It was difficult as the decks were mostly in full sun. I remember thinking to myself “there has got to be an easier way to do this.”

It was at this point I researched the timber decking industry and particularly in restoration. There seemed to be a great deal of conflicting information about what to do and what to apply to the timber. It was also hard to find someone who was willing to actually do a deck restoration here in WA. Putting two and two together, I realised this may be the business opportunity I had been searching for.

I found a gentleman in Queensland who I believed had developed a system that was as close as possible to being what I really wanted. I rang him continually and we spoke for hours each time. He was kind enough to offer to teach me what he does, so I flew to Queensland to spend some time with him and learn the finer points of the trade. It was after this extensive training and research that our business was launched.

There was one more thing that concerned me, I needed to find a reliable source for recycled timbers to complete repairs on the timber decks we restored. Recycled timbers more closely matched the look of the existing structures so the repairs are not so obvious and it also helps the environment.

After some searching, we found a local timber machining business that specialised in turning recycled timbers into decking, flooring, skirting and architraves. This business quickly became our preferred supplier for all our decking needs and when I found out it was closing down, we bought it and began producing our own Jarrah decking from both recycled timbers and from reclaimed logs taken from housing estates and mine sites. These logs would otherwise be burnt, buried or mulched. Some recent logs saved came from the 2011 Lake Clifton bushfires as well as the massive storms in June & December 2012.

We love what we do and it shows in the pride with which we restore degraded timber decks into magnificent entertainment areas our clients are proud of. Our clients are our community. We expect to see them again and we work on the basis that we will be responsible for their timber decks for the long term. We always do the best we can possibly do.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and helping you to restore your timber deck to something you are proud to show off to your family and friends!

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