Good customer service from the outset

Good customer service from the outset

“Timber Deck Restoration Specialists provided good customer service from the outset, providing quotes in a timely manner as well as advice to what was needed – they were not the cheapest quotes, but were certainly the most efficient and friendly. On acceptance of the quote Marcus arranged to complete the works whilst we were on holiday so we would have little inconvenience, upon starting the work it was found that there was an issue with the foundations the decking was laid upon which meant a significant amount of work needed to be undertaken to ensure the decking was fitted correctly and would have a higher degree of longevity.

Marcus contacted us in Bali and briefed us on the issue, providing options as to how to proceed, once confirmed the work was still completed upon our return and was immaculate, We have just got round to having the decking re-stained some three years later and have had no complaint with the work or quality of the materials used.

On both occasions the communications from Timber Deck Restoration Specialists have been exceptional, ensuring that we are fully aware of the details and costs, there have never been any hidden surprises that creep up and we have had courtesy emails / phone calls to confirm times etc, on the one occasion that they were late due to traffic we received a phone call to let us know so it was no problem.

In all our dealings with Timber Deck Restoration Specialists we have found them to be efficient, professional and friendly”


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