Showcased their remarkable craftsmanship

Showcased their remarkable craftsmanship

“We have recently had the pleasure of having our 1st. floor balcony decking remodeled and rejuvenated by Marcus Slomp of Timber Deck Restoration Specialists. Our tired looking treated pine reeded decking boards have been transformed into a beautifully finished floor suitable as a wonderful entertaining area.

The whole operation, including turning over the boards so that the smooth finished side is facing upwards, was carried out by Marcus in a thoroughly professional manner that showcased his remarkable craftsmanship. The deck was then sanded and cleaned to provide the perfect platform for the application of the Spa ’n’ Deck acrylic coating. After 3 coats of treatment the transformation was complete and a sight to behold.

From the time we first contacted Timber Deck Restoration Specialists for a quote, we were treated with respect and courtesy and during the time taken to complete the job our wishes were always treated as Marcus’ first priority.

We have no hesitation therefore, in recommending Timber Deck Restoration Specialists to any prospective clients. We are sure you will not regret hiring Marcus for any of your decking requirements.”


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