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Timber Deck Maintenance

Your timber deck is in some ways like your car. If you don’t maintain it, you will have to replace it – and much sooner than you want to, or can afford to…

It is much cheaper to do small amounts of ongoing maintenance to protect your investment and ensure you don’t have an unexpected financial crisis, brought about by having to replace your whole timber deck.

And we get so busy, we forget and it’s easy to put off your timber deck restoration. You slowly become conditioned to the state of your embarrassing eyesore until it doesn’t really bother you that much anymore.

The problem is: It’s just going to keep getting steadily worse and become more and more costly to correct, until it will require a complete rebuild! And unfortunately you will probably pay much more than you did to have the original deck built!

Here is a graphical example of what happens when you leave your timber deck in the weather for a few years without a good coat of protective finish:

Timber Deck Maintenance

You only have about 6 years until you will have to completely replace your timber deck at a much higher new price.

The answer is regular maintenance. A properly maintained deck will last forever. By spending a proportionately small amount on an ongoing basis with a timber deck restoration specialist, you will save money in the long term and always enjoy a fully functional, magnificent entertainment deck you can be proud of!

How You Can Ensure Your Timber Deck Remains The Best it Can Be, 100% For Life

If you can’t afford to buy a new timber deck every 6 years, then you can’t afford not to be in this program:

Once you have had your tired timber deck lovingly restored into a magnificent entertainment area by Timber Deck Restoration Specialists, you will have access to our exclusive VIP maintenance program to ensure you can enjoy your timber deck all year round and not be devastated one day by a massive replacement bill. By Joining our VIP yearly maintenance program, we will Guarantee your timber deck for life, 100%.

If you are busy professional, an investment property owner, or someone who just wants their deck always looking its best without having the trouble of restoration every few years, this program is for you!

Just look at the benefits:

Your timber deck will be clean and fresh each year!
It will have maximum sun protection
You will save money in the long term, with no need for any more sanding or expensive restorations
Your safety is assured – Dangerous nails will be punched and rot damage detected
You will have peace of mind with a set-and-forget program. You can make your timber deck problems become our problem, not yours.
All maintenance is completely done for you, with additional services available.
You get priority booking, to refresh your timber deck in time for Christmas or a special event
You will be able to spend more time with your family or doing the things you love.


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