Why is Timber Restoration Such a Rewarding Project?

Restoring timber must be one of the most rewarding occupations in the world. When presented with a natural wood product that has been subjected to the extreme environmental of sun and rain and making it look like new is a remarkable feat. The timber restore specialist can through their love of timber and dedication to their profession make this happen to any neglected structure manufactured from natural wood. Wood is the natural product most suited for restoration by expert restore specialist companies.

Whitehorn Deck - Mariners Cove

Doing timber restoration and using high quality environmentally friendly products can extend the life and use of your investment substantially. The wood manufacture item is first inspected and repairs needed to strengthen the structure is done before any restoration is started. When badly weathered wood can start cracking or warping and this is something that must be rectified before any serious Timber Restoration can commence.

Starting the restoration process begins with removing as much of the accumulated dirt and debris form the wood by wiping and sweeping this away. Timber restoration must be handled carefully and requires skills that only experience and years of training in the field can provide. Having a closeness and love for everything made of timber is another factor that is clearly visible after the final restorations is completed and ready to be used again.

Sanding with special dust collectors ensures that the environment is not harmed and then the object of the restoration is deep cleaned and pressure washed to remove the remaining dust particles. Effective dust removal make the final restoration appear more alive and sparkling. Normally the wood that is restored is pressure washed a few times to ensure that the surface that is undergoing the timber restoration is clean and free of any foreign objects.

After drying the deck or jetty the timber restoration specialist will start by applying a preparation to bring the original colour and grains that was obscured for so long back to the surface. Having a short drying period the application of the sealer to recapture and preserve the qualities of the timber is applied.

The sealers that is used in timber restoration is a high quality product designed and manufactures to withstand the extreme and harsh environmental conditions of Western Australia. It is further strong enough to make the wood completely waterproof thus preventing water penetration and damage.

Using the services of reputable timber specialist with experience in restoration projects will make the result of the restoration extremely attractive with the original grains and colours restored. The deck will have a new lease on life and could remain functional for many years provided that regular inspections and a maintenance plan is in place to detect potential problems.




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