Why need Timber Deck Restoration Specialist?

Decks and jetties are some of the areas that are hardest affected by the extreme pressure put on them by the environment in Western Australia through constant UV rays and water trying to destroy these beautiful natural wooden products. Having the sun constantly on the areas doesn’t make matters easier for its long lasting properties. Both decks and more so in the case of wood used in the construction of jetties involve huge amounts of capital invested in their functions.

The environment can be effectively prevented from this senseless destruction by having the areas professionally cleaned with a quality deck cleaner before resealing the surface area. This will prevent premature destruction and eventual demand replacement of the decks and jetties.

In many small harbour areas the appearance of the jetty and the surrounding deck area is designed to increase the enjoyment and entertainment of the owners. They do however demand regular maintenance in order for them to retain its natural good looks and functions. By using reputable deck restore specialist the problem can be solved and with the care and knowledge gained through many years in the industry make this look as good as new. The use of a quality environmentally friendly deck cleaner this can be restored without affecting the sensitive environment that they are surrounded by. Jetties are probably more vulnerable to the environment as their proximity to water amplifies the effects of the sun and UV damage.

After the application of deck cleaner the deck restore specialist will apply a quality sealer that is designed to prevent water penetration and at the same time protects against the effects of sunlight. Without the regular maintenance to seal and protect the life span of this structure may be severely compromised and could cause the complete rebuilding of these expensive structures.

The deck restore specialist is able to offer not only a quality deck cleaner but also crews skilled to complete the task with the minimum disruption of the client’s environment. They further offer a maintenance program geared to ensure that through regular inspections of the decks and jetties early identification of potential problems could save the client time and money. These scheduled maintenance plans will give the jetties and decks a constant year round appearance of being cared for and ready to use.

Without using proper deck cleaner techniques, the areas will eventually turn grey and could become hazardous to use as originally designed. The use of good quality products to clean the area before sealing is the only way to make this wood structures last a life time. Using their service for maintenance is a guaranteed method to keep your deck and jetty in the same pristine condition as when it was built.


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