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Are you looking for deck cleaning, deck restoration, deck wash, deck maintenance or deck refinishing? If yes then you would be glad to have a number of options that you can choose from. There are several deck cleaning and restoration companies that are offering services ranging from cleaning to finishing’s. These companies have trained professionals who are not only experienced but have been in the business since long and can offer you services at their best. These companies are reliable as they offer you guarantee that makes you leave satisfied.

A number of ways exist when it comes to deck cleaning and deck maintenance. Timber deck adds an elegant yet a subtle feel to your internal or outdoor region. The wood structure and the wood feel always add up to the uniqueness and elegance of the house. However wood being a natural character it is always useful and reliable as compared to any artificial installation in the house. The durability and sustainability is always effective in comparison to other options that are also available in market.

However timber deck does require a level of maintenance and care. It must be looked after and needs a restoration or at least a finishing touch every six to twelve months. Depending on the situation your deck could be subjected to various weathering elements that would include heavy rain, heat, atmosphere change, frost and UV radiation from sun. These disastrous elements affect the timber’s cell structure which eventually turns it into gray and leads to warping, cupping, cracking and splintering it. A deck which was once beautiful would turn into being ugly and a safety hazard for you.

Hence it is preferred to be careful and look after its maintenance to get rid of any disasters in future. The deck cleaner professionals would remove the old treatments, the remaining tannins or the gray colour which is the broken surface of wood. The timber surface would need to be sanded in order to reveal the wood that is underneath and has not been affected. The need to sand it would arrive depending on how severe the degradation and condition of the timber deck is.
However if the damage is not that severe and bad they would use a simple two stage deck cleaning process and a pressure wash in order to get back to the bare wood before even applying a protective coating over it. So it is better to hire a professional to do the deck cleaning for you as he would know as to what is precisely required depending on the situation. The professional would know better as to how much and what is exactly required in the following situation. Hence, make the right decision and hire the best one out of all.

Does your timber deck need maintenance? Has it been too over-used and has not been cleaned since you can’t remember when? If yes then you must give it a thought and look for a professional deck cleaning company that offers you the best services at a price that lies within your budget. We understand that the construction of a timber deck requires huge investment hence; you would want to keep it maintained for long. So in order to assist you with what you need, there are various services that you could avail of.

If your deck needs maintenance, finishing, sanding, cleaning, re-coating the deck, jetties, boardwalks, etc then you should preferably look for a professional company that has something good and economical to offer you.

If you have a timber deck and its colour has started to fadeaway and the finishing look has become less fresh then you are up for some work! This is natural as anything that involves a natural product such as wood would defoliate with time and will require maintenance and refreshing touch ups. Time and the Mother Nature eventually destroy any form of timber that has not been properly maintained and protected. Timber that has been left untreated would suffer from various issues that include not only fading but also discoloration and splintering. Some can even rot.

However most of these issues can be solved if they are treated on time. You don’t need to go to the expense of having it replaced, instead hire a professional who specializes in the process of deck cleaning. There would be a series of methods that are offered to handle timber and the surface wear and tear, using a range of products. As all the decks are different to one another and face different problems however the ways of solving it can be different too. If you wish to clean the deck yourself you must be very careful and knowledgeable as to how the process should be carried out. You must never clean your outdoor timber with a floor cleaner that is for commercial internal floors or any product that contains harsh bleach. If you think that your deck looks dull and shows sign of wearing and tearing then you must know that it’s the time you must give it a fresh coat of a protective sealant.

It is always better to hire a professional who can guide you the best and offer you a solution that suits the best to your certain problem as you wouldn’t want to risk your huge investment at the cost of a failure that becomes disastrous for you. If you need an advice there are companies who are just a call away and are ready to assist you with all means.

Timber gives your house a unique and elegant look. Timber decks in a landscape design are an intelligent way to cultivate your garden while creating an enjoyable outdoor space. Timber decks are used for an internal as well as an outdoor area. A wood structure along the garden, courtyard or swimming pool is always suitable and reliable. Wood being a natural character absorbs the water quickly and the surface of wood is not slippery unless there has been dirt left on the decking board. If you are one of those who are looking for a landscaping idea or a garden design you must consider the construction of a timber outdoor deck which could be a good decision.

When it comes to timber deck construction there a number of companies that are offering services for construction. There is a variety of companies offering services in different price ranges having different levels of quality being offered. However if you want to get the best company or the best timber construction professional then you must do a survey and look for yourselves the company that serves your purpose well.

Timber decking has proved to be the most practical and easy to build solution because of the natural resistance power. It does not require as much maintenance irrespective of giving it a little care. However in order to ensure the durability and structural stability of the deck it is advisable to refer to a professional timber deck builder who would guide and assist you in the process. There are companies who can design and create an elegant custom deck according to your requirements.

However when and if you have a deck and it has been a few months you would yourself notice the colour fading out and the finished look would seem to be less fresh and lustrous. Do not worry; this is a natural thing that happens to every individual owing a deck. It requires a finishing touch every six to twelve months depending on what you have particularly used to seal the deck and what exposure to elements it has had. Hence, in order to make sure that the deck is in the right condition you must thoroughly clean it and keep it maintained.

In order to clean your timber deck you don’t need to spend thousands on a deck cleaning detergent. The most active ingredient for cleaning is sodium per carbonate. However if you don’t wish to clean it yourself, or you are uncertain of the effectiveness that your cleaning would have, you can hire a professional who is experienced and can do it better for you. So without wasting any time, hire a professional deck cleaner that would do the work perfectly and leave you satisfied.

Restoring timber must be one of the most rewarding occupations in the world. When presented with a natural wood product that has been subjected to the extreme environmental of sun and rain and making it look like new is a remarkable feat. The timber restore specialist can through their love of timber and dedication to their profession make this happen to any neglected structure manufactured from natural wood. Wood is the natural product most suited for restoration by expert restore specialist companies.

Whitehorn Deck - Mariners Cove

Doing timber restoration and using high quality environmentally friendly products can extend the life and use of your investment substantially. The wood manufacture item is first inspected and repairs needed to strengthen the structure is done before any restoration is started. When badly weathered wood can start cracking or warping and this is something that must be rectified before any serious Timber Restoration can commence.

Starting the restoration process begins with removing as much of the accumulated dirt and debris form the wood by wiping and sweeping this away. Timber restoration must be handled carefully and requires skills that only experience and years of training in the field can provide. Having a closeness and love for everything made of timber is another factor that is clearly visible after the final restorations is completed and ready to be used again.

Sanding with special dust collectors ensures that the environment is not harmed and then the object of the restoration is deep cleaned and pressure washed to remove the remaining dust particles. Effective dust removal make the final restoration appear more alive and sparkling. Normally the wood that is restored is pressure washed a few times to ensure that the surface that is undergoing the timber restoration is clean and free of any foreign objects.

After drying the deck or jetty the timber restoration specialist will start by applying a preparation to bring the original colour and grains that was obscured for so long back to the surface. Having a short drying period the application of the sealer to recapture and preserve the qualities of the timber is applied.

The sealers that is used in timber restoration is a high quality product designed and manufactures to withstand the extreme and harsh environmental conditions of Western Australia. It is further strong enough to make the wood completely waterproof thus preventing water penetration and damage.

Using the services of reputable timber specialist with experience in restoration projects will make the result of the restoration extremely attractive with the original grains and colours restored. The deck will have a new lease on life and could remain functional for many years provided that regular inspections and a maintenance plan is in place to detect potential problems.



Timber restoration is vital when the timber decks or jetty that you spend most of your leisure time on start showing signs of serious neglect. Bringing this back to its original beautiful state is essential to ensure no large and unnecessary replacement is required shortly.  Using the word-of-mouth of the local community will help you discover if the experts in restoration are local and have all the facilities to handle the project effectively. Having their mill and drying facility on hand places them in a position where they can make this deck look like the days when it was constructed – getting the natural grains and colours back to their original state.

Spinaway Pde - Falcon

Experience in timber restoration is the ingredient most sought after and having the right equipment and knowledge could make this a project that will serve as a reminder that letting your deck go without regular maintenance is not such a great idea. Having a track record of successful restorations will further reinforce the confidence in the restoration specialist to complete the project to your complete satisfaction

Having guarantees in place that the timber restoration will appear in a condition as good as the original construction and could in some cases even be better is very reassuring to the client. Further proof that all their trustworthy staff satisfy all the local building regulations and rules of the area makes this the right choice for your next or pending restoration project. The timber restoration specialist have adequate insurance and is covered as is required by the Building codes Australia standards

During the Timber Restoration projects the communication lines between the specialist and client must be clear and the client must be kept informed in the progress of the restoration. Any eventualities or problems noticed during the restoration must be reported and this could make the client more open to authorizing additional work required to make the restoration more successful.

The high quality products used during the timber restoration will ensure that the result is outstanding. The individual products that are used prove the confidence shown by the company and staff in their own way of doing things. Being friendly to the environment and save around pets and children is preferred. Leaving the restoration site in a condition where all the debris and dust has been removed makes the professionalism and care for their clients very clear.

One of the most important features during a timber restoration project is the reassurance that the specialist handling the project will stay on the site until the client has been satisfied fully in the completed restoration. This guarantee provided by the restores is proof of their total commitment to customer care and satisfaction in the restoration project.

Living in the Western Australian region makes one aware on the sometimes harsh effects that the environment can have on wood as well as other valuable assets. Protecting these as best you can is vital as the lack of protection and care could result in costly restoration projects that are avoidable with materials design for this purpose. The expert decking companies active in the region can assist the average home owner greatly with this problem. Sun and rain are the two biggest culprits and with knowledge this can really reduce the stress for the property owner.

What happens?

When doing Deck Protection, the deck restorers will advise the client to do regular maintenance or to assist in this time consuming exercise they have created a unique scheme to take care of this on their behalf. They have formulated a maintenance program that will inspect the decking areas as per a schedule on a regular basis to access any potential problems in the care of the timber constructions of the home owner.


During these deck protection inspections a listing is made of what is in immediate need of repair or needs preventative measures to prevent costly damages to the structure. Their experience and skills will enable them to detect problems that for most home owners seen natural aging in the timber. Having an intense love for wood and years of experience working with timber in all its various formats is essential in the early identification of disease or rot that may render the structure deemed for destruction or extensive restoration.

What to look for in a company

Their track record and history in timber and deck protection enables them to accurately advise their clients of what should receive immediate attention. Their qualified staff that is registered and cleared by the authorities makes them ideally suited to assist their clients. They further work closely with the local regulating authorities such as the Buildings Codes Australia Standards. They are insured to cover any unlikely damage or injury sustained while working on your restoration projects. Their reputation among past and current clients as the best deck protection specialist is something that a new client will appreciate as their preferred choice of restorer.

Using deck protection to waterproof the deck and surrounding areas with trusted and quality products tested for the Australian market makes the deck completely water resistant. The product used is the best quality products guarantee to deliver the required results for their users. Having a quality protective coating that forms a solid bond with the timber and doesn’t come apart is applied to the deck area to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. Water penetrating the wood will cause them to weather, crack and warp over time. Regular cleaning before reapplication will be advised after maintenance inspection is conducted.

Doing restoration of any wood product means that the working surfaces must be extremely clean to enable a final product worthy of the time and cost of the restoration. Natural wood has an inner beauty and lustre that is extremely difficult to match with any man made product and letting nature destroy this is something we all want to avoid. With years of neglect this is sadly what will eventually happen.

Using high quality Deck Cleaner is vitally important to remove the accumulate treatments and dirty of years since the last professional cleaning was done on the structure. In neglected timber the surface will normally appear as being grey in colour and this must be completely sanded down to expose the grain of the timber. The intensity of this sanding process will be influenced the surface condition and how bad the condition really is.

BBQ Deck after - Mariners Cove

Most professional restorers will sand down until they find the exposed area clear of damage and rot. Timber without this bad condition can be washed using high pressure before deck cleaner is added to the sprayer making the cleaning more effective. Using a deck cleaner and industrial scrubber is the best way to get spectacular restoring results from the neglected wood. Removal of all debris and dust is extremely important to retain a smooth working surface.

After cleaning using the deck cleaner and drying the first application of a product to restore the natural beauty of the wood is applied. This is to bring out the lustre and natural wood appeal that the deck owner wanted when installing the deck area. The product delivers great results if left for a short period on the wood surface enabling it to penetrate and dissolve some of the previous treatments and dirt.

That being done and the effects from the deck cleaner made the timber ready for the next step in the process. This is the application of the protective coating to the timber surface. The best quality products are water based and must be applied to the timber while still wet from the cleaning process. This allows better reaction with the wood fibres.

Leaving the timber to dry for around 3 hours before applying the second and final coat is highly advised to obtain superior results from the timber restoration process. In cases where the budget allow a fourth coat should be applied to give better lasting protection. Having completed the deck cleaner operation and application of the sealer coats, the client is well advised to join a maintenance program to ensure that this is never again required.

The maintenance program is designed to care and protect the timber from further damage and keep the area looking like new and as close to its original beauty as before the damage.

Decks are extremely vulnerable to the effects that the harsh Western Australia weather conditions have on wooden products that is exposed and unprotected. Being in the weather from the day it is constructed can create the product to slowly deteriorate if proper care is not given to the decks. Protection for the decks is not as impossible as most people think and at most require a little effort to inspect the decks regularly and take precautionary measures if something is starting to show signs of deterioration.

If decks are maintained on a regular basis by professional deck specialist the chances of deterioration can be complete illuminated. The inspection to ensure deck protection will look at signs of the sealer that was applied is wearing off or damage to the boards causing them to become exposed to the elements.

Cleaning the decks with high quality products removing the dirt and debris before becoming embedded in the woods is something that should be done very regularly. After cleaning the inspection will reveal the need for deck protection which makes the deck waterproof and protects it against the effects of the environment.

A fantastic idea is to join a regular schedule maintenance plan where experts inspect the deck on a regular basis advising the client of any repairs or deck protection that is required. Since unprotected decks have been estimated to have a very limited life span the use of these services could make the effective use of the deck much better. In fact, the specialist offering the maintenance program guarantees that the deck will last a life time with proper care and maintenance. This is a great offer considering the expense involved in replacing entire decks that could run into thousands of dollars.

Deck protection is therefore one of the best preventative measures that any home owner has available for the protection and lasting qualities of their decks. Maintaining the look and grains that natural wood decks offer in any garden is another feature that deck protection has. After cleaning and sealing the beautiful grains will make the area look fresh and new.

Most professional deck and timber restoration companies use specialised equipment designed to get the best results when sanding or cleaning. Using high pressure cleaners is the most effective way to clean the timber surfaces. The sanding equipment is designed to stop at least 95% of the resulting dust from getting into the environment.

When attempting or employing the services of specialist to do deck protection the home owner will normally be advised to use the best protection products available. Most of these environmentally friendly products is made for use in the Australian climate and will therefore yield the results that the owner seeks.

Decks and jetties are some of the areas that are hardest affected by the extreme pressure put on them by the environment in Western Australia through constant UV rays and water trying to destroy these beautiful natural wooden products. Having the sun constantly on the areas doesn’t make matters easier for its long lasting properties. Both decks and more so in the case of wood used in the construction of jetties involve huge amounts of capital invested in their functions.

The environment can be effectively prevented from this senseless destruction by having the areas professionally cleaned with a quality deck cleaner before resealing the surface area. This will prevent premature destruction and eventual demand replacement of the decks and jetties.

In many small harbour areas the appearance of the jetty and the surrounding deck area is designed to increase the enjoyment and entertainment of the owners. They do however demand regular maintenance in order for them to retain its natural good looks and functions. By using reputable deck restore specialist the problem can be solved and with the care and knowledge gained through many years in the industry make this look as good as new. The use of a quality environmentally friendly deck cleaner this can be restored without affecting the sensitive environment that they are surrounded by. Jetties are probably more vulnerable to the environment as their proximity to water amplifies the effects of the sun and UV damage.

After the application of deck cleaner the deck restore specialist will apply a quality sealer that is designed to prevent water penetration and at the same time protects against the effects of sunlight. Without the regular maintenance to seal and protect the life span of this structure may be severely compromised and could cause the complete rebuilding of these expensive structures.

The deck restore specialist is able to offer not only a quality deck cleaner but also crews skilled to complete the task with the minimum disruption of the client’s environment. They further offer a maintenance program geared to ensure that through regular inspections of the decks and jetties early identification of potential problems could save the client time and money. These scheduled maintenance plans will give the jetties and decks a constant year round appearance of being cared for and ready to use.

Without using proper deck cleaner techniques, the areas will eventually turn grey and could become hazardous to use as originally designed. The use of good quality products to clean the area before sealing is the only way to make this wood structures last a life time. Using their service for maintenance is a guaranteed method to keep your deck and jetty in the same pristine condition as when it was built.

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